The Package Suggestion from Rechargeable Work Lights Supplier

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June 25, 2019
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The Package Suggestion from Rechargeable Work Lights Supplier

led work lights manufacture from China

Branded importer and buyer all over the world may have its “Special Color Plan”, so rechargeable work lights supplier who has the ability to take OEM order, are ruled to satisfying customers’ requirement for Special made Products Color, Special made Products Package Material, and Special Made Logo as well.


How to make the rechargeable work lights being eyesight attractive?

1.Color to be matching.

Rechargeable work lights products body color to be matching with its sales package.

We have one branded importer, the royal color of their rechargeable work lights series are 485C red (from PANTONE color), which means the product itself and package itself matching each other with 485C red.So this products line with this brand looks tidy in the retail store and market.

Also, the designer is familiar with their work.

Uniform style is very important for branded importer and distributors.



Of course, you can design different color for the different brand even they are in the same group company.


2. Choose Suitable Package Type

For retail need, it is frequently using the Display box, Double blister, and Color box.

Re color box series,

We recommend below “Try Me” designs, so end users could try its function without damage its retail package.

Just to curve a hole above the ON/OFF button part of the color box.

For example, rechargeable work lights 750-lumen camping lantern in “try me box”:

and multi-function led lantern spotlight in trying-me box:

portable led work light

portable led work light from China


Re blister package series,

It has different designs in looking.

Same rechargeable work light in option 1 double blister package:

Recchargeable work lights in double blister package

Recchargeable work lights in double blister package

The same rechargeable works lights in option 2 double blister package, which is good for retail display but the higher cost in option 1, also more outer carton space costly as well.

China Rechargeable led work lights in good package


Double blister package protects rechargeable work lights in international transportation very well, but users have to be careful as the blister edge are sharp so easily hurt finger.

And better to ask rechargeable work lights supplier curve the button place to convenient end buyers try it, just like the “TRY ME” color box.


The color card which put in the middle of the blisters has a different price for different thickness, too thin may not be supportive enough.

so it is necessary to let rechargeable work lights manufacture to provide a color card sample before production.


There is one more thing to consider:

Rechargeable work lights are powered by a rechargeable battery, ie, Li-ion battery, we have to maintain it by fully recharging it at least 1 time yearly.

Apparently, no good to stock it over one year in its original double blister package.


Re Show box,

Like below pocket rechargeable work lights Aluminum penlight, it is in 12pcs display box,3 different body color: black+blue,black+Green,black+red color makes it look unusual at all.

The customized size white EVA in show box bottom, supporting the pocket work lights in its tidy positions.

led work lights manufacture from China



rechargeable work lights supplier may be asking the extra cost for a customized package, we have also explained How and Why.


If it is just a promotional project, then a simple white box with printed logo on rechargeable work lights is fine, that would be no extra cost then.


If the customer sells on Amazon or sell by mailing, in this case, stronger individual carton and stronger blister pack is more suitable, but the display box is not.


About Us:

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More new rechargeable work lights products are developed,

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