China Battery Operated Camping Lights 02
1000 Lumens COB LED Battery Camping Lights #SP005
July 4, 2017
China garage work light 06
Garage Work Light #DB19
July 4, 2017
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China Pivot light 01
China Pivot light 01 China Pivot light 01
China Pivot light 02 China Pivot light 02
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360 Degree Pivot Light with Magnetic Stand

DB26 A/ B


  • Light Source : 8 SMD 120 Lumens / COB LED 180 Lumens
  • Head Torch: 1W LED
  • Battery:3 AAA / USB Rechargeable 3.7V 800 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Measurements: 225 x60 x35 MM


Our Key Tool 3 AAA/USB Rechargeable Pivot light has a bright quality LED, just add in three AAA batteries/ Recharge it with supplied USB cord and it ready!

If your garage is always dull,you shall be always looking for a light that would bright up your workspace.

The brightness is so bright 10 +4 SMD LED (110 Lumens +50 Lumens) /3W COB + 4 LED (200 Lumens+ 12 Lumens),that it just seems like you have a light bulb in the garage. Don’t forget it has two in one feature, with a magnet on the bottom, very strong enough to grasp screws and nails. And it comes with a hook to hook anywhere you would like! With a light weight, rugged design its all you need in your workshop or on the go!