Motion Sensor Night Light from China Supplier #DB06B

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Romantic LED Night Lights Gift For Her from China#DB36
July 4, 2017
China Under Cabinet Lighting LED 01
Under Cabinet Lighting LED from China Supplier #DB53C
July 4, 2017
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China motion sensor night light 02 China motion sensor night light 02
China motion sensor night light 03 China motion sensor night light 03
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China 3AAA Stick in Motion Sensor Night Light with 3 Shapes

DB 06B


  • Light Source : 6 /8 SMD LEDs
  • Battery: 3 AAA
  • Brightness: 50 Lumens
  • Measurements: 80 mm" Diameter
  • With 3M Self stick tape
  • Super Hot sells with Under Cabinet Lighting LED as well


When your kitchen is so dark in the countertop work area, you may need our Wireless Motion Sensor Activated Night Light from China.
instead of getting an electrician to put a light on the ceiling. Turn the Switch at “Auto” position, The sensor of LED Under Cabinet Lights picks up peoples’ movement very smart, then automatically comes on, no need to use it if the ambient illumination of the overhead lights is enough.
You can cover the sensor for a while then it will be triggered; While switched the button to “on” to keep light on, Position it into “Off” when you are leaving the house for travel.
Easy installation, it comes with self-adhesive discs that you stick wherever you want to attach them and you can move them around as you please.