Key Tool wholesale rechargeable outdoor LED site lights and battery powered portable led flood lights with high quality, affordable, and energy efficient.

To work on vehicle repair and do some electric work where you had to turn of the electric in the house,They have several advantages over the old style halogen flood light.

Firstly, Li-ion battery powered, is a huge advantage for quick setup and mobility;

Seondly,they don’t get super hot and hurted by the outer case, although they do get a bit warm.

Thirdly, Compare to plug in led flood lights,It is rechargeable and don’t have to keep it plugged in always,convinient to move.

Fourthly,it is perfect work as yard LED site lights and residential led flood lights, to scares coyotes, foxes, deer, etc away. The endurance of the battery charge is depends on the lightoutput you always use.They are helpful LED Utility light,you are able to do what you needed to do hands free instead of asking someone else to holding a flash light.