Key Tool understands how it is important that led road flares making emergency vehicle outstanding,that is why we spent much energy and time to make all of led saftey flares are as practical and unique as we could. This multipurpose, extra bright led road flare kit can been seen from over 300m away and are a great way to attract attention or warn of danger in emergency situations. Each light features different illumination modes including constant, rotating, strobe and SOS modes.

These high visibility led emergency flares magnetic base are available in carbon batteries powered and Rechargeable led road flares,any attractive body color like orange, green or yellow all as your needs,Magnet are featured to attach them to vehicles and structures to further draw attention to any hazards. The lights are also shockproof and waterproof to 10 metres.

Meanwhile these lights are extremely effective as hazard warning indicators, they can also provide great fun when used recreationally and bring a party atmosphere to any environment. Their waterproofing make them particularly good for boats and pool parties.