Brightest LED Headlamp,with Rechargeable Batteries or powered by disposable cell, are good for all outdoor activities like hiking, camping, riding, Fishing, and hunting.

We produce hard hat flashlights highest approval rating and cheap headlamp for promotion gifts too.
Head strap is adjustable to fit around your head accordingly as not all heads created equally! It is very comfortable and snug around the head to keep the light in place. The zoom function for brightest led headlamp is a great feature for working on small projects,so you can focus your light on a smaller area,not having to light up the whole room.Or you can widen your light for outdoor use.Great that rechargeable headlamp gives you 3 different chargers, Electrical with all outlet charger, Auto with cigarette lighter cable,and USB charging cable to be plugged into any USB charging source.

The batteries for LED Bike Lights last about 10-20 hours depending on what brightness you choose,so better to have a set of charged batteries to replace it.