Unique Romantic Led Night Light Gifts For Her Birthday

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Unique Romantic Led Night Light Gifts For Her Birthday

A LED night light is electrical light fixture which is manufactured to provide comfort and convenience to people in dark areas or areas that become dark at certain times. People may use it as security as it provides relieve for fear of the dark and create a calm and peaceful environment. It also provides a general layout for a room without requiring a major light to be switched on. It also helps in avoiding tripping over stairs, obstacles or pets. An LED night light could be useful in areas other than sleeping areas like in hallways, bathrooms or kitchens which allow night walks without turning on the full light. It may be carried by some frequent travelers for temporary installation in guest rooms. Thus, It can be used anywhere at night time and helps in preserving dark sleeping environment.

Create magical moments

LED night light is usually placed on tables beside a bed or could also be used as reading light or corner light lamp which creates a romantic environment in your room. These LED night lamps can make your nights special and create magical moments in your life. The design of such LED Nightlight lamps plays a major role in creating a romantic and peaceful environment in young couple’s bedroom.

Perfect gift to friends or young couples

These LED night lights can be impeccably used as a creative gift to our friends and young couples. By having a look at these creatively designed double-color LED night lights before going to bed; it brings calmness in their mind and body and helps them rejuvenate their thoughts. It could be said this product is a perfect technology for romance and glamor for young couples. It is a strong way of creating an intimate atmosphere. You are sure guaranteed to spend a romantic night under these LED night lights.
A soft and dim light helps to set a romantic ambiance which helps to turn on your partner. It gives a personalize moments to young couples by making them feel comfortable and warm their loved one’s arm. These Dim lights make young couples extra special by setting a passionate love scene. These soft tempting lights give a warm invitation to show love to young couples. It helps to make their new relations more strong and mature. Not only this, it helps them to see and feel while loving, making them addicted to each other by setting a strong bond among them. It is perfect present for young couples which make their night special and memorable.

Product Specifications

We have added certain specifications to our product which makes it superior to our competitors. Here are our certain specific features of our product.
  • Most prominent feature of our LED night light is that it is certified by CE ROHS mark.
  • Use of ABS material +PS Lens-
    We use ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) material and PS lens in our LED lights. ABS material is an opaque thermoplastic polymer material which is strong and durable even at low temperatures and provides good resistance to heat and chemicals. High quality LED technology is made up of advanced methods which make them reliable and worthy for long term use.
  • Our LED night lights have 18 LEDs on the head with a lifespan over 100,100hrs.
  • It has ON/OFF button. The Small DICK shape ON/OFF button gives a naughty feeling too young couples
  • Vivid options-
    It has white body color. 5 colors hats (Blue/Orange/Pink/red/white) are available for option. Also, these beautiful LED night lights come in various colors. This helps people to choose the best one according to their own choice. An ideal choice of colors will raise a sense of satisfaction in mind and body. For instance, soft light chosen for LED will give visibility without disturbing the others around.
    Color box size - 30*13*12 cm
    Hats dimension - 10*12cm
    Body dimension - 20*18cm
  • USB cables are also offered with LED night lights to be recharged by all 2V-6V charger adapters.

Unique Design

It has a unique design and perfect color combination of white body and blue/Orange/pink/red/white color hat which gives a soothing environment to your room. Smiling face of a cute baby boy with blue color hat easily matches with your furniture. Most attractive part is its ON/OFF button which will definitely bring a smile on your face. The best part is it does not give any vulgar look to viewers/guests but yet a naughty feeling to the young couples. It has four screws with a PLUG IN point at its back which makes it durable and long lasting. Have a keen look on these lamp pictures.
These benefits of LED night lights must have mesmerized you. What are you waiting for? Go, Import or wholesale these interesting designed LED night lights from Key Tool Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd at www.aboutbright.com, bringing perfect options for those who need LED Novelty Lamps & Gifts.

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