IP Protection in China LED Lights Portable

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IP Protection in China LED Lights Portable

What is IP Protection and application with portable led lights

 IP Protection and Application in China LED Lights Portable

IP (INGRESS PROTECTION), the protection system is drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION) to classify their dust-proof and moisture resistance characteristics of electrical appliances.

IP protection level is composed of two figures, the first number stands for that electrical dust, to prevent the intrusion of foreign objects ( including foreign objects with tools, human fingers, etc. are not accessible to the electrical part of the appliance, To avoid electric shock), the second figures that electrical moisture, waterproof intrusion of the degree of closure, the greater the number that the higher the degree of protection.

1.IP Protection Level Definition

The degree of protection is mostly followed by two numbers, and the numbers are used to clarify the level of protection.

The first digit indicates the extent of the equipment against the dust or the extent to which people are protected from harm in a sealed environment. On behalf of the solid foreign body to prevent the entry level, the most high-level is 6.

The second digit indicates the degree to which the device is waterproof. On behalf of the level to prevent water, the most high-level is 8.

You may combine picture below to understand it better:

Portable led lights with IP grade

A .The First Digit After IP:

Dust Level




0 unprotected.


No special protection for people or things outside the world.


1 Prevents foreign matter intrusion of more than 50mm in diameter.


Prevents the body (such as the palm of your hand) from accidentally coming into contact with the parts inside the appliance to prevent foreign objects from entering larger size (diameter greater than 50mm).


2 Prevent penetration of solid matter larger than 12.5mm in diameter.


Prevents human fingers from touching parts inside the appliance to prevent foreign objects from medium size (diameter greater than 12.5mm). .


3 Prevent foreign matter intrusion of more than 2.5mm in diameter.


Prevents tools, wires, and similar small objects that are diametrically or more than 2.5mm in thickness and are exposed to electrical parts.


4 Prevent foreign matter intrusion of diameter greater than 1.0mm.


Prevents parts, wires, and similar small objects that are diametrically or more than 1.0mm in thickness and are in contact with the inside of the appliance.


5 Prevent foreign objects and dust.


Completely prevent the invasion of foreign objects, although not completely prevent the intrusion of dust, but the amount of dust will not affect the normal operation of electrical appliances.


6 Prevent foreign objects and dust


Completely prevent foreign objects and dust intrusion.


B.Second Number After IP:

Water level.




0 unprotected.


No special protection against water or moisture.


1 Prevent water droplets from dipping.


Vertical drops of water (such as condensate) do not cause damage to the appliance.


2 When tilting 15 degrees, water droplets can still be immersed.


When the appliance is tilted from vertical to 15 degrees, dripping will not cause damage to the appliance .


3 Prevent water from spraying.


Rain or prevent damage to the water sprayed in the direction of the vertical angle of less than 60 degrees.


4 Prevent splashing water from entering.


Prevent water from splashing in all directions from causing damage to the appliance.


5 Prevent water from flooding.


Prevent damage from water injected into the appliance from the nozzle in all directions.


6 Prevent the big wave immersion.


Electric appliances installed on deck to prevent damage caused by heavy waves. .


7 Avoid water immersion when immersed.


Electrical equipment immersed in water for a certain period of time or water pressure below a certain standard to ensure that damage is not caused by flooding.


8 Prevent submerged water immersion.


can be completely immersed in the water structure, the experimental conditions determined by the producers and users .

1. Application in the IP65 LED Lights Portable

We want to recommend 2 LED lights portable with IP65 protection, which means it prevents foreign objects and dusts either water from flooding.

1.China led lights portable with number ZXY-C24, coated with Oil-proof and durable TPR (thermoplastic rubber) material; it is more suitable for harsh conditions and dirty environments.

Moreover, it has no problem withstanding the crushing weight of a car!

Best Work Light For Mechanics 03

  1. A other IP65 China produced led lights portable with model number# DB56A,it is a Battery operated 3AAA Led Safety Flares with magnet and key chain, 9pcs red led and 1W LED gives 4 modes of road flares white light/red light/ strobe/flashing.

led safety flares

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