An Inside Look of a Cordless LED Work Light Supplier From China

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An Inside Look of a Cordless LED Work Light Supplier From China

Cordless LED Work Light China Supplier

  A ready-made ABS portable cordless led work lights are made of 4 parts:

  1. ABS material formed Plastic parts;
  2. Lighting source: it is majorly 4 kinds of lighting source Halogen /LED/SMD LED/COB LED;
  3. PCB Board;
  4. Power source: Rechargeable battery powered or disposable battery.
  • How China cordless LED work light supplier to compose those 4 parts into a good structure portable cordless led work lights?
  • Which machines needed in the assembly line?
  • What production skills required on those China workers?


This article will give you a general idea.

Step 1-The preparation of producing Plastic parts.

Drying origin ABS to get the moisture out before processing.

Drying origin ABS to get the moisture out before producing plastic cordless led work light

Most engineering plastics and plastic alloy pellets contain different degrees of moisture, and the moisture content is distributed on the surface of the plastic pellets and inside the plastic pellets.

If the plastic pellets are not well dried, the intrinsic quality and appearance quality of the plastic led work lights are Influential and cause processing difficulties.

The influence on the intrinsic quality of plastic products ie, cordless led work light is that the performance indexes are obviously decreased, the internal stress is increased, and it is easy to crack, which promotes the hydrolysis and degradation of the polymer.

The effect on the appearance quality is yellowing of the led work lights, resulting in bubbles, , and transparency is reduced.

Due to the presence of moisture, the apparent viscosity of the plastic melt fluctuates irregularly during the injection molding and extrusion molding process, and the melt sticks to the flow path, sometimes causing severe flow, which makes it difficult to form.

Hence, For most engineering plastics and plastic alloys, strict drying is especially important!

Especially for recycled plastics, after washing, granulation and other regeneration processes, the moisture content is greatly exceeded, and strict drying is required.

But to pass EMC standard, or for environmental protecting needs, Recycled plastics are forbidden to make use of producing cordless led work lights.

Also, as the price of ABS material is variously in a different time, so some China led work lights supplier used to storage ABS material when it is in a very down price range.

Step 2 of Producing Plastic parts– Plastic Injection molding

ABS molding machine for cordless led work light



Step 3 of Branding on Plastic Parts

A private label on its plastic parts (i.e Silk-printing) before make rubber paint.


Below is the silk screen plate, with the help of this board and printing machine, the logo can be printed on plastic parts.

an inside look of cordless led work light supplier


 silk print on cordless led hand lamp

Step 4 of  Make Rubber Painting on Plastic Parts

Rubber coat on cordless led work light



Rubber painting has a different operation, Manually or automatically line.


Process those plastic parts in drying oven around 20~30 minutes then wait for it dry.


Step 5 of   Processing on PCB and LED sources.

It is also divided into 2 parts: Machine made and Labour made.

The factory has to operate PCB and LED sources of cordless led work lights into suitable shape according to this work lights’ actual size.

PCB of cordless led work light


Step 6

 Assembling Plastic Parts & Printed Circuit  Board, and to tight its Double Plastic case sides into an integrated cordless LED Work Lights.

an inside look of China led work light supplier

As for tight its plastic covers, It depends on the molding design, to decide use fix machine or screws.


Below disposable battery operated led work lights are fixed by screws:

China Best Lights for a Garage 02


Below one is fixed by fix machine:

China mechanic lamp 02



Step 7 Testing its working function.

As electronic items, the cordless led work light manufacturer has to test its function.

  1. Performance test of dry battery operated work light

dry battery led work light function test


  1.  Aging test (charging and discharging test) of rechargeable work lights.

charging test on rechargeable led work light

Charging test: to fully charge this rechargeable led work lights, see if charging Green led indication turns on after fully charged and Red LED indication turns on when this handwork lamp is out of power.


Discharging test: According to battery capacity, test if the battery continuously working that long time.

Best Cordless led Work Light From China Supplier

Charging and discharging has to circle several times, and the QC has to record its performance, so to remark the defective led work lights and take them out, to avoid the defectives work lights being packed.



Apparently, When one Branded-new led work lights is not working well, the possibility of problems may performance like below:


  • if PCB does not assemble well?
  • If disposable battery out of power or rechargeable battery is defective ones?
  • If the lighting source not works?


So the Cordless led work lights China manufacture requires and designs that every assembles procedure finished by different workers/lines.


So each assembles worker has to test its function before the UN-finished units processing into the next step, which benefits to manufacturer, and workers as well.

For the manufacturer, it is efficiently to find what is the problem with this working lights.

For workers, it is the best way to practice his/her production skill and calculate his/her salary, as they get payments by work-well piece rate, Of Course, the defectives are not including in.



Step 8     Pack cordless led work lights with an individual package, such as Color box, Display box, etc.


Normally, There is 2 solution for package:

  1. Neural package, without any logo or manufacturer information on it, so wholesale /distributor could buy it when they have no demands for Brands advertising. It is extremely good for Amazon sellers too, as this led work lights manufacturer who designs neural package for it apparently intends to prepare enough stock.


  1. Customized package.

In this case, led work lights factory supply Die line of this item, so purchaser manager could give manufacture his company’s unique package design with their own logo and company information.

Double blister pack cordless led work light

To look at its flowing process of China cordless led work lights manufacturer, you may watch this video: An inside look of China Cordless led Work Light Supplier by Video.


More information about Rubber painting in China produced led work lights, you may refer to this article.


If you have any question about led work lights manufacturer, pls feel free to contact us via [email protected],  we will answer you shortly.


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