Rubber Paint Uses in China LED Camping Lanterns

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July 12, 2017
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Rubber Paint Uses in China LED Camping Lanterns

Rubber Painting Uses in led camping lantern

This article is mainly about rubber painting and its uses in China LED camping lanterns.


Nowadays, there are many kinds of paints used for plastic led camping lanterns which produced in China. We simply classify them as 4 kinds according to the level of difficulty and price.


4 Kinds of paint for plastic led camping lanterns:

Kind 1:

Special painting:

A.Nanometer spray (imitation gold, silver, copper)

rubber paint of nano sputering

B.Rubber paintChina camping night light 04


C.Elastic paint

China elastic paint

D.Fluff paint

fluff paint china

E.Chameleon paint

chameleon painting China

F.Bronze drawing

bronze drawing painting China


Kind 2:

High-grade paints include:

A. Pearl oil series (red, white, blue, gold, silver, black, and other colors)

pearl oil painting China

B. Pearl series (blue, white, blue, purple, and other colors),below is red color.

Rust red paint high level paint mechanic work light China

The painting of this LED Magnetic Work Light is double steps needed comparing to the normal transparent rubber painting:

Firstly paint the ABS base material to be silver or light silver color,and secondly to paint with red apparently it is a more expensive way.


Kind 3:

Fluorescent paint transparent series:

fluorescent paint transparent series

Kind 4:

Cracked paint series:

Crack paint series

What are led camping lanterns and led mechanic lights are composed of,and how to make rubber coat / rubber painting on them ?


1. Description of commonly used plastic parts:


The Definition of Plastic:

Plastic is polymer organic material where the primary component is resin. At a certain temperature and pressure the polymer can be shaped to form the needed shape. When brought back to room temperature, the polymer retains its new shape.


Commonly Used Plastic Type Base for Rubber Painting are PE/PP/PS/PVC:

1) Propylene Cyanide (23% ~ 41%), butadiene (10% ~ 30%) and styrene (29% ~ 60%) three kinds of monomer copolymerization of the polymer: referred to as “ABS,” with eye-catching color, heat-resistant, strong, poor solvent resistance, the outer surface can be coated in a chrome, nickel, and other metal film, can be used to produce keys, buttons, knives, TV shells.


2) Polyethylene Plastic: referred to as “PE”, chemically stable, usually used in the production of food bags and various containers, with acid, alkali, and salt water erosion characteristics, but should not use strong alkaline detergent wipe or soak.


3) Polypropylene Plastic: referred to as “PP”, non-toxic, tasteless, changes shape when submerged in 100 ℃ , withstands damage, common acids, alkali organic solvents, commonly used in creating food utensils;


4) Polystyrene Plastic: referred to as “PS”, easy to dye, good transparency. Used in the production of toothbrush handle, toys, electrical parts, acid, and alkali corrosion, but soluble in chloroform, dichloroethylene, banana water and other organic solvents;


5) PVC Plastic: referred to as “PVC”, bright color, corrosion-resistant, durable, due to the increase in the manufacturing process of plasticizers, anti-aging agents, and some toxic auxiliary materials, the product is generally not used to store food or medicines;


Professional Suggestion:

Plastic has features of large crystallinity, poor polarity, poor wetting, smooth surface and so on. To improve the adhesion of plastic coating to reduce the surface defects, it is strongly recommended to use new material of ABS, PP, PE, and PVC,but not recycled versions.

We contributed much attention to the original ABS material in led camping lanterns production, not only new products but also good brands like LG-Yongxing so the plastic parts come out with high-quality as well as great effect in rubber painting looks.

rubberized led camping lantern 01 rubberized led camping lantern 02

2.Brief Introduction of Rubber Painting Processocess


Step 1. Annealing

In plastic molding it is easy to form internal stress. After stress concentration occurs it is easy for the product to crack. Annealing treatment over the whole surface treatment can be used to eliminate stress. Annealing treatment is to heat the ABS plastic molding pieces to the deformation temperature, which is 60 ℃, insulation 2 hours. As the use of such a process requires a lot of equipment investment, the production company can choose to deal with the whole surface or configure a solution that can eliminate the internal stress of the plastic parts when treated for 15 ~ 20 min at room temperature.


Step 2. Degreasing

Plastic parts often become stained with oil, hand sweat and release agent, which makes it harder for the coating to maintain adhesion. This results in the coating cracking, blistering, and shedding. Before painting, a degreasing treatment should be done. The plastic parts are usually cleaned with gasoline or alcohol, and then after chemical degreasing, the surface of the work-piece should be thoroughly cleaned of any residual lye, and the final cleaning should be done with pure water. Finally, the pieces should be dried.


Step 3. Removing the electricity and dust

Plastic products are insulators, the surface resistance is generally around 1013Ω, which makes it easy to produce static electricity. It is easy to adsorb the small dust in the air after it has attached to the surface. Because removing the electrostatic adsorption of dust with the general blowing method is very difficult, the use of high-pressure ionization air flow at the same time will bring about a good effect.


Step 4. Spraying

Use double faced adhesive tape to steady plastic parts before going through spraying.



Plastic coating thickness is 15 ~ 20μm, usually to spray 2 to 3 times to complete. Each spray dries in approximately 15min. Once complete, continue with the second spray. Bright surfaces must also be sprayed with the paint. Coated parts will retain their flame retardant properties.


The hand-spraying workshop looks like below:


rubber painting in China led camping lights

Step 5: Drying:

Rubber coated parts dry at room temperature, then they are baked under 60 ℃ conditions in a drying box.


Watch a video on How Chinese factory produce led mechanic lights and led camping lanterns?

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