Why China Portable Work Lights Manufacturer Requires MOQ?

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June 18, 2019
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Why China Portable Work Lights Manufacturer Requires MOQ?

China portable work lights supplier manufacture

Why China Portable Work Lights Manufacturer Requires MOQ?

Buyers hate the MOQ things when purchasing any products from China, Surely businessman all has a big appetite, but China Portable work lights factory not willing to take small order, the real and actual reasons are like below:


   1. Clean the injection machine.

plastic molding cordless led work light

Different Molding shapes different portable work lights products, and different models may be designed with different body color.

Some portable work lights are the whole body made of black ABS material (except the button in rubber), like below:

China mechanic work light 02

Or Black main body coloring with some other colors, like below Duo-use rechargeable and non-rechargeable portable work lights:

rechargeable and non rechargeable work lights from China

As those work lights products are composed of ABS material, So plastic injection machine shall be cleaned to inject different color ABS.

As it is time and labor costly job for portable work lights manufacture to clean the ABS injection machine every time before injecting different plastic parts.so portable work lights factory are much-preferred bulk order more than small trial order.


      2.Raw Material Price.

Other raw materials supplier like PC Lens, LED Chip, Magnets, Aluminum components, always offer a higher price when quantity is the less, but the much lower price when quantity is big.


     3 .Logo Branding on Package Material.

When it is necessary to make private logo branding on portable work lights product and package material, purchaser or buyer may always be facing the situation being asked additionally cost.

For example, if you would like a Display box package, so it would be cost terms like below:

  1. Die cutter(Graphic with size), only charged for 1st
  2. Printing film cost
  3. Machine Fee


This amount actually is asked by printing factory when package material quantity not satisfying their MOQ, but not by portable work lights manufacture or supplier.


   4.Logo Branding on Portable Work Lights Products.

To make a private logo on portable work lights body, we have to make a steel plate which printed with this logo firstly, this is another cost and excuse.

an inside look of cordless led work light supplier



    5. Assemble Worker Piece Rate.


Workers who work in China portable work lights manufacture are getting their payment in piece rate, it is efficient to work with a bulk order too.

portable mechanic work lights workshop

portable mechanic work lights workshop




   6.The Other Cost of Handling Goods for Shipment.


Whatever it is FOB terms or CIF terms, portable work lights supplier all responsible for the cost of handling goods on shipment, ie, the shipping cost to the warehouse, the entrance cost charged by warehouse and shipping forwarder, the customs clearance fee.


They are one time off price but not according to goods volume.




There are many reality factors causing China portable work lights manufacturer and supplier to set a MOQ, not only to cover the “have to pay” cost, but also an attitude from assembling workers.

While Assemble workers are getting hard to hire year by year.

So buyers may give some understanding to China suppliers, not only portable work lights industry, but all products suppliers.



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