Lamps for Automotive/Mechanic

Key Tool offers kinds of China led inspection lamps including rechargeable led inspection lamps, alkaline battery work lights, mechanic lights, magnetic lights, as well as LED road flares for worldwide importers and wholesalers who are based in the automotive after-sell and mechanic industry.

Generally speaking, all of our China led inspection lamps are made of ABS—rubber painting or without rubber coat depend on the target price. More and more clients prefer Cordless Work Lights rather than Corded halogen lights because no wires are needed (adding to the convenience), not to mention the poor light intensity of halogen lights. Consumers are willing to pay more for the newest technology, so our COB LED work lights are the best option with super even brightness.

If it’s supposed to be mounted to a car/truck, magnetic China led inspection lamps should be the first idea for a professional mechanic job, with flexible hook built-in and pivot body, all of our LED inspection lamps are destined to be great additions to your  automotive career.

Bigger power factor certainly decides greater brightness. We have a full range China LED inspection lamps from 1W to 10W, which leads to a big difference from 30 lumens to 430 lumens.

Powerful magnetic lights are a great birthday gift for the mechanic in your life.more videos at Key Tool products chancel from Youtube.

Please find all answers needed from Key Tool China, a professional China led inspection lamps supplier.