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Development of Kitchen Cabinet Lights

Development of China cabinet lights

China cabinet lights used in kitchen referred to as cabinet lights, originated in the last century in the 1980’s and were designed in the United States by lighting design master Mr, Bentley.

Some lighting has a specific unique function, while other types of lighting are multi-purpose. In fact, many areas of the house need to be equipped with two or more different lamps:

Cabinet lights are mainly used for cabinet lighting and decoration. There are four categories of  China cabinet lights: LED cabinet lights, Lights under cabinets (operating table and sink lighting with hanging cabinet lights), Shelf lights /roof lights (laminates lights), and drawer lights/floor cabinet lights.


After years of development,China cabinet lights not only perform in the simple and original quartz lamp (spotlights), but they can be used in each part of the cabinet. From the original halogen light source,  fluorescent light source, to today’s LED light source, these products have been developed to really meets the safety, energy saving, as well as environmental protection needs of consumers.

Generally China cabinet light material are primarily constructed of  aluminum and plastic.


4 Types of China Cabinet Lights for Kitchen


  1. LED Puck LightsChina LED cabinet lights 3China LED cabinet lights 1China LED cabinet lights 2China led cabinet light

LED puck lights are mainly used for local lighting inside of hanging cabinets. Because general kitchen lighting lights are installed on ceiling above and gives illumination from the top down, the light will be blocked by the cabinet board which causes a lack of light inside of the cabinets. Cabinet lighting can resolve this problem and motion sensor light can add a little more convenience to the cabinet.


  1. Under Kitchen Cabinet LightsChina Lights under cabinets 2China Lights under cabinets 1China wireless motion sensor light 01China wireless motion sensor light 02

Under kitchen cabinet lights are the lights for the table and sink position lighting. These lights provide auxiliary supplemental local lighting for cabinet consoles. Some hanging cabinet bottom lamps also have a certain decorative effect. The kitchen can be designed with suitable lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere.


  1. Shelf Lights, Roof Lights China Shelf lights , roof lights 2China Shelf lights , roof lights1

This type of lamp is mainly used to decorate the shelf space, and the final design is still able to show the different tastes of the homeowner.


  1. Drawer Lights, Floor Cabinet LightsChina Drawer lights, Floor cabinet lights 2China Drawer lights, Floor cabinet lights 1

Drawer lighting, floor cabinet lights usually are equipped with infrared sensor switches. These motion sensor lights will automatically turn on when sensing people opening the drawer or floor cabinet door.


The Benefits of China Cabinet Lights

After in-depth observation of each area of the house, Bentley Mick found that the kitchen is not only the most common area where families work together, but also the place the family comes together to get nutrition, and also the first stop off after a long day at school or work. So the kitchen cabinet lighting can create a relaxed atmosphere, and soothing mood letting us have a good rest.


In this special area of work and entertainment, the lighting must have two different functions. There are:

  • Work space needs to have bright lighting.
  • Dining entertainment with bright regional lighting coupled with decorative lighting can add to the atmosphere for the meal.


On top of the table above the local lighting, you can weaken the surrounding light, so that light focuses on the table to increase attention. Lighting can assist the cook throughout the cooking process and ensure they enjoy the fun of cooking.


There are some areas in hanging cabinets and floor cabinets where it is not bright enough because of the placement of overhead lighting, so the cabinet lights aim to compensate those places. Because the cabinet door is a glass-like light transmission material, the cabinet lighting can be transmitted through the door, forming a decorative background light. When people are in the kitchen, the cabinet exudes a partial light and the background light will form an elegant ambient light, which can add to a romantic atmosphere for the meal to improve people’s emotions.


Kitchen Cabinet Lights Installation

Before the first phase of the water and electricity wiring, the owner needs to tell the cabinet designer to left places for installing the light the first time they doing measurements, so they will take into account all factors, including setting up the electrical wire in the back of the rear panel, which would look more tidy.


Or simply choose wireless China cabinet lights from China Key Tool. Never experience wire-setting problems as it comes with screws or double faced adhesive tape to install it.

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