Best Chinese Manufactured LED Inspection Lights

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August 6, 2019

Best Chinese Manufactured LED Inspection Lights

China led inspection lamps factory

Best Chinese Manufactured LED Inspection Lights

LED Inspection Lights offer perfect lighting for all types of indoor and outdoor situations where the natural light or darkness does not allow good visibility.
The best flashlights need to be bright enough to light across a soccer stadium, durable enough to survive a fall on a hard surface, easy to carry around and reliable enough to give hours of light.
Technicians like mechanics, plumbers, and electricians rely on the power of LED Inspection Lights, as do hobbyists, campers and security guards.
At Key Tool we have perfected the LED Inspection Light and refined it with two perfect models that are cordless and rechargeable without compromising on the quality of the light or its working time.
Every Inspection light is performance tested to ensure that it has no flaws in the battery, LEDs and other components, ensuring that you, the owner will have a lifetime of quality lighting from it.
All our rechargeable work lights are run through aging testing (charging and discharging test) before being hand packaged individually to ensure that nothing is missing.
Each inspection light is hand-packed in individual packaging for easy recognition. These may be a color-coded or display box and each item is blister packed to ensure that it is transported to its final destination without any damage.

Rechargeable Inspection Light # ZXY-C20A
The Rubber Painted Folding Rechargeable LED Inspection Light
The perfection in the design of this LED inspection light is the ABS rubberized outer casing which gives this inspection light a soft feel and non-slip body.
The 3.7V, 2200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery ensures that as long as the flashlight is charged, the owner will never need to worry about purchasing batteries again.
This is the perfect flashlight for all types of dark situations. It has a flood beam lit of 230 lumens and a 40 Lumens torch light.
Slim enough to fit into a tool box or tight space the foldable light measures 260 mm in length when unfolded and 148 mm when folded. It comes with a USB Cable, 100-240V AC Adaptor, and a car charger is included so it can be charged anywhere and anytime.

LED Cordless Work Light # ZXY-C28
LED Cordless Work Light Slim COB LED Work Light
This super slim LED cordless Work Light has an innovative lighting module that rotates 90° either way, giving it 180° flexibility. Besides other applications, it is the perfect lighting source for people who work on Witron and other crane systems. Walking down dark aisles or climbing the racking of cranes needs a strong and reliable lighting source and this LED inspection light is perfect.
Car repair mechanics and other inspectors find this magnetic torch to be a practical addition to their tool kits and workshops.
The light source of this Work Light comes from a 3W White Cob and its floodlight emits 230 Lumens (very bright), and the head torch has 1W SMD LED with 40 Lumens. Its focused beam can reach 17.5 meters and it has a wide light spread that is super bright.
The IPX4 is waterproof and a strong magnet that allows for hands-free illumination in situations where both hands are needed.
This torch has a 3.7V 2200 Li-ion battery that has a 3.5 hour working time when fully charged. It takes 5 hours to fully charge from empty.
This light is super durable because of its ABS Rubberized exterior, making it soft, non-slip and dent-proof. Its COB LED is also protected by Aluminum. During testing the light endured falls from all heights and on all types of surfaces.
The measurements of the Slim COB are Max 260/148 x43 x 50 mm and can easily be carried around or stored in a small place. It also comes with a USB cable and 100-240V AC adapter and a car charger to ensure that you always have you reliable inspection light fully charged.
Both the Rechargeable Inspection Light and the LED Cordless work light have been produced with the necessary attention to detail so that its owner can get the full benefits from its powerful lights and long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

New developments
We are manufacturers and suppliers of work and inspection lights from China that have many years of experience. Our goal is to supply people around the world with practical mobile lighting solutions, no matter what their work or home needs are.
We are constantly working on developing new products that will offer brighter and longer-lasting lighting to light up your world.

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